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IRA Capital Driving Change in America’s Communities

Americans, collectively, have more than $7 trillion invested in individual retirement accounts. That’s nearly double the federal budget. Imagine the good that could be done if that capital could be put to work in communities across America, rather than appreciating in stocks and mutual funds. This website showcases investors who have done extraordinary things with their retirement accounts — for themselves and for others — in the hopes of encouraging others to do the same and to make the most of America’s untapped capital.

Read Our Investors’ Stories of Community Impact

From rehabbing hurricane-ravaged properties, to financing local businesses, IRAs can be invested in many worthwhile projects that can positively impact communities. Read the stories below, share your own story, and learn how you can put your retirement account to work. Check back for new stories published regularly.

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Equity Trust Company can help you.


Equity Trust Company is a financial services company that enables individual investors, financial professionals and institutions to diversify investment portfolios through alternative asset classes, including real estate, tax liens, private equity and precious metals. Equity Trust Company (or its affiliates) offers custodial services for alternative investments, investment in alternative assets with individual retirement accounts, back-office solutions for RIAs, brokerage services, directed trustee services and more. Equity Trust Company evolved from a predecessor brokerage firm which started in 1974, to a financial services company today serving more than 300,000 accounts, representing over $30 billion in assets under custody and administration.


Equity Trust is a financial services company that enables individual investors to diversify investment portfolios through alternative asset classes, including real estate, tax liens, private equity and precious metals. Our tax-advantaged, self-directed investment accounts appeal to entrepreneurial investors who want to take control of their wealth. We offer clients a robust account management system, online investor community and wealth-building education, which enable them to grow their knowledge and complete transactions with ease.


Equity Institutional (through Equity Trust Company) offers IRAs, qualified retirement plans and non-qualified custodial accounts for alternative and traditional assets. We service RIAs, registered reps, broker-dealers, investment sponsors, precious metals dealers and other financial professionals. Equity Trust Company is one of the largest custodians of alternative assets with the goal to make alternative investing easy so that your clients can achieve the diversification they are seeking. Perhaps the best reason to choose Equity Institutional is that we handle administrative details so that your focus can remain where it should be — on your clients.


Equity Advisor Solutions provides custom technology and back-office solutions to Registered Investment Advisors and Broker Dealers. Our open-architecture structure allows advisors to custody their client assets on one custodial platform with Equity Trust Company, including: alternative investments (REITs, real estate, private equity), mutual funds, stocks, ETFs and more. We help advisors make their practice more efficient while enhancing the client experience. We provide a customized client portal, mobile app, billing support, performance reporting capabilities and other back-office solutions. Our sophisticated trading technology allows advisors to trade at the individual, global or model level. Equity Advisor Solutions is an affiliate of Equity Trust Company, a passive custodian that enables investors to diversify investment profits through alternative asset classes.


UBIT Professional, an affiliate of Equity Trust Company, specializes in Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) for IRAs and other tax-advantaged retirement accounts investing in alternative assets. We provide comprehensive education and tax preparation services for individual investors, CPAs, RIAs, broker-dealers, investment sponsors and other financial institutions and professionals.